The cellar gives wine its special character

Good wine is made in a vineyard not in a cellar. It only keeps what is created in a vineyard.

The recognition of our wines is due to specific natural features, such as microclimate and soil, enriched with a consistent work in the vineyard, where you can feel the concern for nature. In harmony with nature, we continue in the cellar. Using the experience of our ancestors and our own knowledge, we give the wines their special character, seen in strong structure and minerality.

In an old, arched (vaulted) cellar, there are only wood and time that make the wine. A winemaker only directs and controls the way that takes the wine to a safe place – to the bottle.

In the Vipava Valley the cellar was considered a sacred place in a house already in the ancient times. It was a place where the landlord respectfully invited the guest; having a glass of good wine they made friendships, agreements and business. It has remained so in our house until today and we want to keep it like this in the future as well. Our cellar is always open.

Kind-hearted people who love nature and its most precious gift – wine, are welcome here.

Klet Degustacijska soba
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